about black sheep branding solutions

To be successful in today's environment, promotional merchandise must be distinctive. Black Sheep was founded on the philosophy that corporate premiums must be innovative to connect, motivate, influence and reward. Working closely with both our clients and suppliers we design and procure quality products recipients use, keep and above all, value.

A few years ago we identified that there was something lacking in this business. We saw inefficiencies, cost overruns, delays in handling of orders, the inability to shift gears instantly; all old ways of thinking which were hindering the promotional field as a whole. So in 2008 we decided to establish our own business, BLACK SHEEP BRANDING SOLUTIONS with a little help from our friends...

We have the advantage of a working relationship promotional business veterans with 50+ years experience between them and we deal with both small and multinational and Fortune 500 companies. We know how to execute at any level, whether you're a client with a modest promotional budget or one with substantial and consistant promotional needs, we are there for you to handle the details, make calculated suggestions, and provide proven results, guiding you step by step while working hard to make your life easier. It's as simple as that.

We learn your brand identity, your demographic, your budgeting process and the infinite number of other details that make up your business. We invest ourselves in your company, setting up quarterly strategy meetings to ensure we generate tangible success in the way only a boutique firm can. BLACK SHEEP BRANDING SOLUTIONS is looking beyond selling you a product, our aim is to be a seamless extension of your enterprise, helping you build a brand. Ultimately, it is with this type of relationship that you will find the most value.

We get in the trenches with you as a partner and not simply a pay check. To be good match, a client needs a single contact that can dedicate themselves fully to each and every endeavor, paying attention to each detail so you have a hassle free experience. You will work with one person who is there for you always taking care of the details so you have more free time to expand your company and further establish your brand. Get started now and see the difference instantly of having a partner and not just a promoter!